Good For Life is precisely what it says on the packaging - a plant-based protein company formulating great-tasting powders that deliver outstanding results.

As an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, Good For Life Founder YS McKenzie felt the lack of flavorous protein powders in the nutrition space was hampering her fitness drive. The idea for launching Good For Life came about after she put together a plant-based care package for a friend. As he was going through his goods, he ecstatically shared, "I'm gonna be good for life!Feeling his comment was inspiring, the brand name was then created. 

On the flight back home to South Florida from Los Angeles YS started conceptualizing a protein powder and a liver cleanser that would be both flavorful, and beneficial. And here we are, with a brand born out of a desire to revolutionize the plant-based supplement industry. Good For Life is proud of providing consumers with the finest, most luxurious tasting products on the market.


As a society, we have realized the enormous benefits of incorporating plant-based supplements into our daily diets. They are fantastic for promoting lean muscle growth, healthy weight management, and less guilt after consumption. Good For Life protein supplements are low in calories and rich in essential minerals. The vision was always to create a product that is low in sugar and carbohydrates, but equally high in taste and texture.

Whether you're burdened with career stresses, a busy stay-at-home parent, a burgeoning entrepreneur,  an athlete, or work the average 9-5, Good for Life protein powders and liver washes are an ideal way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet.